Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, we are unable to serve meals in our restaurant, so we’ve been brainstorming how Nourish can help our community during this challenging time.

The medical staff at our local hospital, Olympic Medical Center (OMC), are fighting the toughest battle for us all, putting themselves at risk, to help our families and friends. They are working day and night, not seeing their families, they barely have time to eat, and no time to shop or cook. They need help.

“Our healthcare workers are doing everything they can to take care of our community during this difficult time – we are working long hours, so having nutritious meals would be awesome.  I know our ICU staff would appreciate this very much – there are about 40 people who work in that unit alone.”
– Julie Black,|Director, Support Services/Safety Officer

If you’d like to support Nourish, local food purveyors AND our frontline hospital workers during this challenging time, we ask that you “pay it forward” through our Dine @ Home program on our Go-Fund-Me page. Buy one meal, or several, and we will cook and deliver to the hospital on your behalf.

$5 buys homemade organic soup, $15 buys lunch and $18 buys a complete dinner. $2,000 will provide a meal for 120+ healthcare workers each day. 

Your contribution is a win-win, healthcare workers get nutritious meals, Nourish gets to cook them, and local suppliers provide some the ingredients. Your donations will be converted into as many meals and snacks as possible.

We have such great admiration for our healthcare workers’ bravery and selflessness. Please help us as you can. We also welcome volunteers to deliver food to the hospital. If you can help, please call (360) 797-1480 or email.

Dave and Tanya Rose, co-owners
Nourish Sequim

Dine @ Home
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As an ER nurse who just finished my 12.5 hour shift and seeing this just made me tear up. We are working so hard to protect our community and would appreciate this more then we could ever say. To see our community doing what they can for us means so much!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know I can speak for the rest of my co-workers Thank you!!! –Kristen D.