At Nourish Greenhouse, delicious flavors, healthy nutrients, environmental awareness and an inviting atmosphere come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Working directly with local farmers, fishermen, artisans and ranchers to source the best ingredients possible with which to create our menus, everything is made in-house and changes frequently, if not daily.




House Baked Gluten Free Breads  4
Brazilian cheese bread |  Caraway (Dairy Free)  |  Socca Flatbread (Vegan)  |  Farmhouse white bread

Carrot Ginger Potato Soup cup or bowl (vegan) 5/7
Ask about our soup of the day

Tri-colored Quinoa Salad 12
Chopped vegetables, quinoa, ginger curry vinaigrette, apple, currant and root slaw (vegan/dairy free)

Add your choice of protein

  • Sautéed Wild Salmon 10
  • Uli’s spicy Lamb Sausage 8
  • Grilled Chicken 8

Warm Roasted Beet Salad 9
Wilted greens with garlic, topped with horseradish cream sauce, sweet spicy pumpkin seeds (for vegan/dairy free balsamic vinaigrette replaces horseradish )

Chopped Winter Greens Salad 7/10
Kales, chards and spinach

Add your choice of protein

  • Smoked salmon 10
  • Uli’s spicy lamb sausage (2) 8
  • Dungeness crab 8


House vinaigrettes: Preserved Lemon, Ginger Curry, Balsamic
House dressings: Creamy Blue Cheese

Field Platter 12
Hummus, beet relish, carrots, house pickled vegetables, socca flatbread (vegan/dairy free)

Dungeness Crab Cakes (2) 18
Root slaw in hibiscus rose sweet-chili sauce, sweet corn relish, crostini.  Add a crab cake 8

Baked Mt Townsend Cirrus Cheese 15
Roasted mushrooms, roasted garlic, house chutney, Brazilian cheese bread crostini

Sautéed Cornmeal Crusted Local Oysters 10
Hibiscus rose sweet-chili sauce and sweet corn relish (4)

House Smoked Salmon dip  10
Spinach parmesan cheese, Brazilian cheese bread with raw veggies

Pizzetta 12
Roasted mushrooms and garlic, chevre, crispy sage, prosciutto, caramelized onion

Steamed NW Clams 16
Winter squash, red onion, Finnriver apple cider, curry, coconut milk, Brazilian cheese bread


Seared Wild NW Salmon 25
over greens and red cabbage wilted with warm bacon, mushroom and red onion dressing, served with rosemary sweet potato oven fries (dairy free)

Nourish Lasagna 24
Cauliflower, parmesan sheets layered with roasted mushrooms, winter squash, spinach topped with sage and leek cream sauce or Harissa spiced carrot sauce

  • Add Dungeness crab 8

Shorts Farm Pasture Raised Filet Mignon 34
Finished with Rogue Smokey blue cheese & roasted mushrooms and served with mashed winter root cakes, vegetable of the day

  • Add Dungeness crab 8

Garlic Rosemary Lemon Organic Chicken 24
Seared & braised with potatoes in garlic, rosemary and lemon, chicken broth, seasonal vegetable (dairy free)

House Smoked Carlton Pork Shoulder & Finnriver Cider Spiked Apple Sauce 22
Served with mashed winter root cakes and vegetable of the day (dairy free)

Baked NW Cod crusted with Hazelnut and Pistachios 22
Linguini, greens and sorrel tossed in a preserved lemon and leek, cream sauce and vegetable of the day

Nourish Plow Roast with Harrisa Spiced Carrot Sauce 22
Mashed winter root cakes and vegetable of the day (vegan/dairy free)


Serving Mannini’s gluten, corn and rice free, fresh pasta

Spicy Linguini  19
NW Clams, Uli’s spicy lamb sausage, winter greens, garlic butter, chili flakes, wine

Smoked Salmon Rigatoni  22
Chanterelles, winter greens, wine, lemon, leek cream sauce

Sage Browned Butter  16
Mushrooms, shallots, winter squash tossed with linguini

Add your choice of protein

  • Prosciutto and Parmesan cheese 5
  • Uli’s spicy lamb sausage (2) 8
  • Seared wild salmon 10
  • Dungeness Crab 8


Our Burgers are served on our house Brazilian cheese buns with greens.
Choose a side of sweet potato oven fries, oven baked potato fries, vegetable of the day or salad

Nourish Beet & Black Bean Burger (vegan, no soy) 17
Lemon chevre, beet relish, hibiscus rose sweet-chili sauce, root slaw

Beef Burger (Shorts Farm pasture raised beef) 18
Cocoa, chili seasoning, house mustard, topped with Smoky Rogue blue cheese and crispy prosciutto

Lamb Burger (Umpqua Valley, OR) 19
Harrisa seasoning, lemon chevre, topped with roasted mushrooms, caramelized onion


Fresh farm eggs, nitrate free bacon, wild fish, pasture raised meats
Mostly local, organic, non GMO & prepared in our dedicated gluten free kitchen


House Baked Gluten Free Breads  4
Brazilian cheese bread |  Caraway (Dairy Free)  |  Socca Flatbread (Vegan)  |  Farmhouse white bread

Preserves .50


Nourish Sunday Morning  14
1 farm fresh egg, breakfast potatoes or pancake, 2 pieces of bacon or 1 Uli’s spicy lamb sausage or Canadian bacon

  • Add an extra farm fresh egg 3

House smoked salmon scramble  17
Eggs, green onions, lemon chevre, potatoes

Farmers Frittata  14
Seasonal vegetables, herbs, cheddar cheese, potatoes baked in eggs, Harissa carrot sauce

Carnivore Frittata  16
Spicy lamb sausage, bacon, ham, caramelized onion, sharp cheddar cheese, baked in eggs, creamy leek sauce

Hangtown Fry Omelet  16
Oysters, bacon, green onions

Roasted Mushroom & Winter Squash Hash  16
Potatoes, caramelized onions, winter greens, Harrisa sauce

House smoked wild salmon melt  17
Spinach, parmesan leek sauce, cheese bun, breakfast potato or salad

Portabella Stack   14
Mashed winter root cake, sautéed greens, smoked mushroom, poached egg, spicy Hollandaise sauce

Organic Chicken Pot Pie  17
Carrots, celery, parsnip, mushroom, creamy chicken gravy, hand made pastry

Breakfast Beef Burger  17
Bacon, egg, cheddar cheese on cheese bun, potatoes


Garbanzo flour crepe (DF/Vegan), with choice of filling, served with breakfast potato or greens. Choose from:

Spicy Vegetable  14
Socca crepe with Harissa carrot sauce (vegan)

Dungeness Crab  20
Socca crepe, mushrooms, sautéed greens parmesan cheese leek sauce

Spicy Lamb Sausage  16
Socca crepe, hummus, greens, mushrooms, curry ginger vinaigrette


Half or whole order (we do not split whole order)
2-poached farm eggs, house Hollandaise sauce on Brazilian cheese bread, served with breakfast potato.

Classic Bennie  15 whole | 12 half
Canadian bacon

Dungeness Crab Bennie  20 whole | 16 half
Sautéed greens, creamy leek sauce

Veggie Bennie   16 whole | 12 half
Sautéed greens, beet relish on caraway bread with Harissa carrot sauce (Dairy Free)


Buttermilk Almond Meal pancakes (1 or 3 cakes) 5/10
with real maple syrup

  • Add seasonal fruit and cream 3

Celebrate your Sunday with a Bloody Mary, Champagne Cocktail or Finnriver Pearmosa!


Nourish applies the same passion to the bar program as the food. Always local, fresh and seasonal. The bar focuses on Northwest Spirits, Beers, Wines and Ciders. Modern and classic cocktails crafted for your enjoyment, featuring our house-made syrups, elixirs & cordials.

Bloody Mary 10
Our house organic bloody Mary mix, gin or vodka, many garnishes

Mimosa 9
Organic orange juice and Washington bubbles

Finnriver Pearmosa 10
Pear cider, pear brandy wine, organic orange juice

Nourish Grand Mimosa 11
Washington bubbles, raspberry brandy wine, orange curacao, organic orange juice

French75 10
Voyager gin, lemon, cane syrup, Washington bubbles



Rainshadow coffee 3.5

Rainshadow French press 8

Pot of tea 4
Black, green, white, herbal

Ice tea, lemonade 3

Shrubs 4

House Soda 4

Bottled soda 3
Virgil Coke, Root beer, Reeds ginger ale

Sparkling Water 3
Cucumber, Coconut, Citrus, Traditional


Almond Carrot Cake (dairy free) 7
Moist almond and carrot cake served with dairy or non-dairy cream

Coconut Tart (dairy free) 8
Coconut pastry crust, seasonal fruit studded, coconut egg filling

Chocolate Decadence Cake 8
Rich, dense, organic dark chocolate cake served with dairy or non-dairy cream

Seasonal Fruit Crisp (Vegan) 6
Almond, oat, coconut oil topping over seasonal fruit compote, served with dairy or non-dairy cream

Ask your server about dessert specials!

Our Promise to You

We care about food, especially the food we serve you. We are concerned with where and how it was grown or raised. We want you to feel safe eating food at Nourish. The food we prepare is gluten free, mostly local, organic and minimally processed. Our kitchen is dedicated gluten free. We avoid products that have been genetically modified. All of our food is made from scratch, in our kitchen—even the ketchup! We aim to offer a selection of Vegetarian, Vegan, Meat and Seafood meals daily so you can each enjoy the food you want to eat.


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