Promoting health through organic agriculture as a leading sustainable organization.

Organically Grown Company is the largest distributor of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest. At the core of OGC is a simple idea that has held steady since their beginning, 40 years ago: organic agriculture is necessary for a healthy environment and healthy people. Their goal is to support organic agriculture and help it thrive, by doing business in a way that is “good, clean and fair.” That goes for their customers, vendors, employees, community and the environment.

OGC seeks out and delivers the freshest, most delicious organic produce available.

Why organic? Because it’s nutritious, it tastes great and because it’s grown without toxic chemicals, it’s better for our air, soil and water – not to mention our health. We buy the majority of our produce directly from growers, many of them small, family businesses. About a third of our produce comes from the Northwest, about a third from California, and about a third from Mexico and beyond. 96% of the food sold is certified organic; 4+% of all cases sold in 2018 were Fair Trade Certified; 28% of their volume was sourced from the Pacific Northwest; they buy from 350  growers and vendors; they serve 900+ restaurants and stores.

In 2018 OGC transitioned to a purpose trust ownership structure, which allows them to focus on purpose over profit into perpetuity. The Sustainable Food and Agriculture Perpetual Purpose Trust will ensure that the company delivers positive economic, social and environmental impacts and maintains its independence into perpetuity, never to be sold. OGC is proud to be one of the first companies in the country to become “purpose-owned”.

Success as a company does not occur in a vacuum.

It grows from a community – from the local communities where OGC employees, growers and customers live and work, to the broader community of colleagues working on causes we believe in. OGC donates at least 2.5 percent of the previous year’s profits to charitable causes that advance organic agriculture, education, environmental health, sustainability and feeding the hungry. Donations include both cash and in-kind deliveries of fresh produce.

The OGC Way: The pillars of our organizational culture

“Every organization has a culture. You feel it when you walk in the door. It’s how people relate and interact with coworkers, vendors and customers. It’s how they carry out daily tasks. It emerges from the shared assumptions and values that drive the organization. It is reflected in the physical environment – the way we organize our workspaces and the objects and images we surround ourselves with. Culture is established by the organization’s founders. And it is shaped by numerous leaders (both formal and informal) and other participants over time. Here, we call it ‘The OGC Way.'”

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