Did you know, Nourish is committed to sourcing all of our seafood sustainably? As members of Seafood Watch, we keep an eye on their rigorous, science-based seafood recommendations to ensure we make ocean-friendly choices when purchasing fish.

To bring awareness to the importance of protecting our watersheds and oceans, we champion World Oceans Day, a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future — Saturday, June 8th.

We believe every day is Oceans Day — as the foundation of air, food, commerce, and weather/climate, the ocean is fundamental to life on earth.

How can you celebrate the oceans? Stop a plastic bag from blowing into the water. Decline a single-use straw. Eat sustainable seafood. If you have more ideas, please leave a comment — we’re in this together!

You can also check out local efforts to combat climate change (Olympic Climate Action) and food waste (Clallam County Solid Waste and Recycling), or get inspired by bringing your sketchbook to Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles.

Be sure to use your best tide pool etiquette (NEVER BRING HOME ANIMALS FROM THE TIDEPOOLS) — and don’t forget, ecosystems are connected — our watersheds are critical pathways, so keep ’em healthy!