We’ve officially gone to the dogs! Few things can make happy hour even better—except maybe bringing your favorite canine along for the party.

yappy hour menuBeginning September 22nd, Nourish is excited to host Yappy Hour, Saturdays from 3-5pm. A free treat and a dog-friendly menu will be available on the patio—come enjoy the wonderful views with an artisanal cocktail, appetizers, and your fur baby!


You are responsible for your dog’s behavior at all times. Please keep your dog leashed and under control at all times.

Watch for and immediately correct any warning signs of potential aggression:

  • Tail straight up and stiff
  • Hair raised on their backs
  • Lips raised to snarl
  • Growling

Dogs pick up on your energy – stay calm, assertive and be the leader of your pack!

When Humans Greet Dogs

  • Greet the owner first and ask the owner if it is okay to greet their dog.
  • Avoid eye contact with the dog initially – they can interpret this as a challenge.
  • Do not offer food to a dog other than your own without the owner’s permission.

When Dogs Greet Dogs

  • Dogs sniff each other- this is a universal and appropriate way for them to greet.
  • Allow your dog to sniff and be sniffed by others – if they growl or snap, they are being rude – and you will need to keep them restrained.

To ensure everyone’s safety and a pleasant experience for all, anyone failing to adhere to these guidelines may be asked to leave.